1917 Applesauce Cake

No eggs? No problem! This simple yet flavorful cake is the definition of conservation. Developed by Mary Swartz Rose in her book Everyday Foods in War Time, this recipe was meant to encourage American housewives to conserve ingredients (flour, sugar, eggs, etc.) so they could be diverted to the men fighting during World War I.Continue reading “1917 Applesauce Cake”

Lemon and Blueberry Mini Cakes

As a nurse, I have seen the full spectrum of Alzheimer’s and dementia. No matter where the person falls — from the mildly confused to the end-stage dependency — it is heartbreaking to see the loss of a loved one. Over time these individuals lose more than just memories. Their independence is snatched away asContinue reading “Lemon and Blueberry Mini Cakes”

The Brooklyn Blackout

Since childhood, I have had a book within easy reach. My love for reading has only grown with the years. From fiction to fantasy and every genre in between – I want to read it all. My family jokes that my “To Read” list only continues to grow despite how many books I have finished.Continue reading “The Brooklyn Blackout”