Wedding Cake Remake

It’s hard to believe, but my husband and I have been together for 10 years today! We met back when we were still babies, freshman year at Marist College. I’m not quite sure when it happened, but suddenly he was in my life and there to stay. Sometimes I wish we had a “how we met” story to look back on, but how we seamlessly fit together from the start has been pretty telling of our time together.

We have been a team from the beginning. Two halves to a whole. We balance one another. I have learned so much from him in 10 years (including being a sports fan) as I imagine I have done for him. These 10 years feel like they have gone by in the blink of an eye, but when I take time to look back and reflect, there is so much life that we have experienced together. Starting in college, to long distance along the east coast, first apartment then house, and now married with a house full of fur babies. This isn’t to mention the trips and memories we have made in between. It is exciting to think about what the next 10 years may bring!

I couldn’t let this day pass by without something sweet to mark the occasion. Earlier this week, Eric asked if I would be baking anything on my days off. At the time, no, but thinking back on our time together, one dessert did come to mind: Our wedding cake.

I did not like it. To be honest, our wedding day was so much fun that a single slice of cake was not going to ruin it for me. The cake was beautiful and had so much potential – chocolate, strawberries, buttercream – what could go wrong? At the tasting it was exactly what we wanted. The day of – nothing was right except for the design. The cake was dry and the flavors just didn’t come together like they should.

To make up for this lackluster experience I decided to take on this cake myself with a few changes. The final product is a dark chocolate cake filled with strawberry compote and dark chocolate ganache, covered with a swiss meringue buttercream. This was my first attempt at a tiered cake, with each layer I prayed there wouldn’t be any slipping or sliding. Thankfully we are still standing!

I didn’t tell my husband that I planned to recreate our wedding cake. I baked the cake layers a couple of days ago and when he asked what I was up to, I shrugged and told him, “I don’t know.” It wasn’t until I was putting the finishing strawberries on top that he turned to me with misty eyes and said, “You made our wedding cake.” That was by far the best reaction I have ever received to a dessert I have made. I hadn’t told him what flavors I was using, but when he saw all the pieces together he got it. His reaction gave me all the warm and fuzzies on the inside. Who knew a piece of cake could mean so much?

Thank you for being being my biggest fan, dessert tester, running buddy, and most of all – my best friend! Happy 10 years my love, here’s to many many more!

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