Baking in the New Year

Happy New Year! I hope the start of this year finds you off on the right foot. Resolutions have been set and a full year of opportunity lays ahead of us. Personally, I cannot think of a better way to get rolling into the year than with cupcakes. Of all the desserts I have attempted, cupcakes are probably my favorite. Don’t get me wrong, anything with sugar is great, but cupcakes are my go to.

The possibilities are endless. Not only do you have the cake and frosting flavors to choose, you can go to the next level with fillings, toppers, and of course sprinkles! But what really breaks the cupcake away from the crowd of sweetness for me is that everyone can experience the same great bite. You don’t have to fight with your siblings for the flower like a cake. And cupcakes don’t fall over in the fridge when you are trying to let the layers set!

A staple dessert in our household is the classic chocolate chip cookie. The great debate though is: what makes the perfect chocolate chip cookie? Luckily my husband and I agree that a crispy edge and soft middle is the way to go. With many recipes that claim they are the “perfect” version, you need to take it with a grain of salt. However, The Baking ChocolaTess’s Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies are indeed perfect. The balance of chocolate and cookie, crunchy and chewy… it’s all there.

Taking my love of cupcakes and everyone’s fondness of chocolate chip cookies, I decided to put the two together. Using Dough-Eyed’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Cupcakes as the base, I blended these desserts together. The entire bite tasted like a chocolate chip cookie. With the creamy frosting, it was like you had that glass of milk you always need with the cookie. Every cupcake deserves a crown and an actual cookie felt appropriate for this mash-up. They were a crowd favorite, not a single crumb to be found after!

“The Year of Us” as my husband and I have dubbed 2020 is open to endless opportunity. This journey I have started with baking has grown with each dessert I have produced. I cannot say where this path will lead me, but I hope to take time this year to explore it a little further. I ask that you join me on this journey of discovery – attempting new techniques, recipes, and perhaps developing some of my own. There will be some blunders, all of which my husband happily makes disappear, but that is the fun of life. We learn as we explore and through that we find growth!


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